Raphael Lacoste lives in Canada, Montreal, with wife and son since 2002. He was born in 1974 in Paris, but lived mostly around Bordeaux, south west of France until he left for Canada..

He studied in 1993 at Fine Arts school, Art and Media option, Photography and Video, at the same time, he was photographer and composer for a theatre company "les Pygmalions". He was already attracted by the scenery, mood and lighting. The Company Gave him the opportunity in 1997 to work on "the little Prince" of St Exupéry, he did there his first 3D pictures that were projected on giant screens with Pani 6KW projectors, Raphael was also the screening coordinator.

Later in 1998, he went to CNBDI school (Angouleme, France) and got a European Master of Art in 3D animation, his movie "Nîumb" was screened at Siggraph 2000, Imagina 2000, Anima mundi 2001...
He had teachers like René Laloux, Director of "Time masters", "Gandahar", "Fantastic Planet"... Raphael was very impressed by the work of his teacher and learned a bit of his knowledge...


O que mais me impressionou no trabalho de Raphael Lacoste foram as suas obras de "interiores decadentes", como estas duas imagens que aqui reproduzo. São ambiências fantásticas e inspiradoras, que têm a particularidade de serem "imagens em aberto", de agitarem a nossa imaginação.


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