"Fiction is not the bread of life, nor the wine of life, nor for long the satisfactory thou of life, but it hunger mingles with these hungers and is still there when the others are sated. Man dreams before he eats, after he thirsts, and in order to sleep. Fiction has deep roots, and will not disappear with a change of tools, fashions, or even planets. It provides that link in the chain of awareness that relates man to the urmensch of his subconscious. Fiction was there in the dark of the cave, at the beginning, and it will be there in the ruins at the end, oral, chiseled, or computed. It will, because we can´t help it."

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"The contemporary writer, fortunately, is less subject to the romantic agony, and follows (D. H.) Lawrence into life rather than (James) Joyce into exile. He is no longer that to write well he must give up living."


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"The manner in wich this fiction afirms the world is a mesure of its quality: the manner in wich it rejects the world is a mesure of its fantasy.  Because of the scarcity of novels in the past, the earlier writers of fiction read from the book of life. The modern writer first reads about life in books, and it is fiction that makes him a writer."

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