Right to Know by Edward Willett, the Aurora-winning author of over fifty books, is a fast-paced space opera about first contact -- with a difference.  When Art Stoddard, civilian information officer of the generation ship, Mayflower II, is kidnapped by secret military organization determined to overthrow the power of Captain and crew, he becomes embroiled in a conflict that tests everything he thought he knew.  Now, he is forced to choose between preserving social order and restoring the people’s right to know.  But what if knowledge is the most dangerous thing of all?

When Art is ripped from the safety of his ship by the mysterious residents of Peregrine, his problems only escalate.  He becomes a pawn in a game that will determine the fate of both ship and planet.  As he and his new found friends rush to save both, he faces questions of courage, loyalty and moral responsibility.

"An inspiring tale of redemption and courage, set in an all too plausible future in space. Well done!" Julie Czerneda, author of The Clan Chronicles 

Right to Know is 70,000 words long and suitable for mature audiences of 16 or older.  Edward Willett is an American-born Canadian who lives in Regina.  He has had a number of science fiction and fantasy novels published by DAW books.

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