"Ugh. 50 Shades of Grey is trash; it is not romantic, it is not healthy, it is not a good guide-line for relationships in general. It misrepresents BDSM, Dom/sub culture, and glorifies the abuse that actual mentoring and training eliminates. I don’t care what you do with your time, or if you’ve read all three books, whatever; but I don’t care how Byronic (misanthropic, misunderstood, broody, mysterious, dark, etc) a character is; when he implies that he’ll beat the bad mood out of you (because that’s what he’d normally do, because he’s a ‘Dom’ -obviously not a good once, since he ignores basic safe-sex practices, along with disregarding safe words and limits-) when you’ve just had a pregnancy scare, that is deeming. That is not attractive; that is scary and influential people of all sexes, all ages, and all walks of life, might be tempted to start a Dom/sub relation based on this pathetic piece of shit; may be more likely to prey on individuals deemed ‘weaker’ than they are; might stay in a shitty, abusive relationship because apparently, that, is what love looks like.

Give me a fucking break."


Andreia Torres

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