SCI-FI-LONDON is the UK’s leading genre event and an internationally recognised launch pad for genre movies. View an archive of previous SCI-FI-LONDON Festivals.

At each festival we have at least a dozen UK premieres and in the last few years we had the first public screening (ahead of the USA!) of films like28 WEEKS LATER, Bruce (Iron Maiden) Dickinson’s CHEMICAL WEDDING! and many world premieres including GHOSTS WITH SHIT JOBS.

Our next event is the 12th Annual Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film taking place from 30 April - 6 May 2013.

The SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival was started by the Festival's director Louis Savy "because there wasn't one".

"The festival started primarily because there wasn't anywhere for low-budget, interesting or foreign science fiction films. Its purpose was to show films that you're not likely to see in the UK at all, or that are going to be difficult to get hold of," says Louis.

Film London, the capital’s film and media agency said of the SCI-FI-LONDON film festival:

Film London is pleased to support SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival as a significant contributor to London’s film cultural live. The strong audiences achieved by its screenings are a testament both to the city’s appetite for science fiction film and to the work the festival does in bringing new audiences to the genre. An acknowledged leader in its field, the festival has effectively pioneered a variety of online marketing strategies and consistently demonstrates professional best practise in its operations. SCI-FI-LONDON have always been generous in sharing their expertise and knowledge and Film London are grateful for their support in developing London’s film festival sector.”;

SCI-FI-LONDON is an independent film festival that gets no funding from any of the arts or film councils and relies on the generosity and support of its sponsors, and the filmmakers and distributors themselves. Ultimately it is the ticket-buying public that make it a success and one of the friendliest festivals around, a view that is expressed by not only by the punters but also by the visiting filmmakers and guests.

As the Festival's reputation for programming a variety of exciting and independent films grows year by year, its core intention remains to challenge stereotypes whilst being fun and inclusive.

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