The Apparition Trail

Steampunk meets the supernatural in a Canada that might have been...

The year is 1884, and Corporal Marmaduke Grayburn of the North West Mounted Police always gets his man. But when he is assigned to the secretive Q-division — an elite unit of paranormal investigators founded by legendary Mountie Sam Steele — Grayburn discovers that his own psychic powers might lead to more than he bargained for.

With the aid of the eccentric paranormal researcher Arthur Chambers, Grayburn sets out in search of a missing minister and a magical Native artifact known only as the Manitou Stone. But in a land where perpetual motion machines and locomotives meet ancient sorcery, can Grayburn discover the secret of the stone and maintain the uneasy peace between the scattered Indian tribes and settlers? Or will his own buried secrets lead him towards the dark fate that waits at the end of the Apparition Trail?

About Lisa Smedman

Lisa Smedman is an author and a game designer. She has done ­extensive work on various role playing games for Wizards of the Coast, TSR and the ­extremely popular game - Deadlands! She is the author of five best ­selling Shadowrun novels - including The Lucifer Deck, Blood Sport, Psychotrope, The ­Forever Drug and Tails You Lose. In addition, Lisa has authored two novels and contributed numerous short stories for anthologies set in the ­Forgotten Realms world. Extinction is currently on the New York Times best seller list. Lisa lives in Vancouver, Canada. 


"The Apparition Trail, is a heady combination of both historical fantasy and science fiction ... a truly ripping tale of adventure ... a fun, fast paced yarn with several unexpected twists." —Arinn Dembo, Vancouver Courier

"If your mental image of the RoyalCanadian Mounted Police is something like "The Dudley Do-Right Show" or...shudder...the 1999 film, just get that out of your head right now. The world Lisa Smedman has created may have its moments of comic relief, but you won’t find the bungling buffoons you might be expecting. Some of the characters are downright heroic and some of the moments are unquestionably chilling." — Lisa DuMond, Freelance Writer/Editor

"She keeps a complex plot moving; meanwhile she maintains a Victorian sensibility in keeping with the character of Grayburn. The result is a fantasy with deep, unusual roots." — Sue Burke, reviewer La Revista Galaxia

"Smedman does an excellent job of creating a frontier society which is quite different from the typical frontier society of cowboys, madams and Indians which seem to populate so many Westerns. Her world, with its perpetual motion machines, magic, and Victorian sensibilities is a breath of fresh air which invites the reader in and welcomes them even as it warns them that this world is as harsh and unforgiving as any other." — Steven H Silver, reviewer

"The Apparition Trail by Lisa Smedman. Those of you who know me (and read my column) know what a big fan of Forgotten Realms I am. One of my favorite series is the War of the Spider Queen books, which author Lisa Smedman turned in a classic fourth book. I tore into this book when I received it and was not disappointed. In an alternate 1884 Canada, we follow the path of paranormal investigation, psychic powers and a plot that will keep you along for the ride. Tesseract Books." — Armand Rosamilia

"Smedman has a great deal of fun introducing perpetual motion machines, including redesigned train engines and air bicycles (held up by helium balloons)." — Donna McMahon, reviewer SF Site

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