The Silent City



The future of humanity...

In a future Europe, where technology has been driven underground and the Earth’s population has been tribalized by nuclear war and political conflict, a young woman named Elisa is born into the Silent City, a final stronghold of science and knowledge, in which self-perpetuating technology maintains the handful of human survivors with rejuvenation treatments and cybernetics. Unwittingly, Elisa holds the key to the genetic changes which have the potential to preserve the human species. But first she must overcome the resistance of the city’s elite, and discover her unique gift for changing herself and the world around her. But time is running out. The human race is threatened by a virus that prevents the conception of male babies — and women bear the blame. Elisa must determine her future ... and the future of humanity.

About Élisabeth Vonarburg

Élisabeth Vonarburg is considered one of Canada's most accomplished Science Fiction writers.

Born in France in 1947, she immigrated to Canada in 1973 and taught French Literature and Writing at various universities in Quebec. More recently, she has been actively involved in the speculative fiction community as a translator, convention organizer, literary editor, and writer.

Her novels include The Silent CityReluctant Voyagers and In the Mothers’ Land (published as The Maërlande Chronicles), the latter winning the Philip K. Dick Special Award in 1993. She has also received over thirty literary awards in France, Canada, and the US, including the 1998 Prix du Conseil québécois de la Femme en littérature, a one-time literary award given by the Quebecois Council for Women’s Affairs on its twentieth anniversary. Her five book series Tyranaël, received three major awards in Quebec: Dreams of the Sea and A Game of Perfectionare English translations of the first two books in the acclaimed series. 


“Informed with a maturity of feeling too seldom encountered in science fiction: a metamorphic journey into disturbing possibilities of gender, social order and genetic science...” — William Gibson, author of Neuromancer

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