Read Ted Chiang's groundbreaking novella about artificial intelligence online


Ted Chiang's novella The Life Cycle of Software Objects takes a breathtakingly fresh approach to the development of artificial intelligence, and keeps you guessing with its constantly evolving plot. And now you can read the whole thing online.

We reviewed this novella last summer, and here's what we said:

Ted Chiang's new novella, The Life Cycle of Software Objects, will change how you think about A.I.... Chiang's longest work to date is pure idea crack. Writing a longer work doesn't make the award-winning short-story writer spread out his legendary inventiveness and gift for challenging the reader - if anything, he goes into overdrive. The Life Cycle of Software Objects keeps surprising you... It's not just the best book about artificial intelligence you'll read this year - it's one of the best science fiction books, period.

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